BPSVideo provides video production services. Mostly we help you fulfill your mission.


Camera technology, as you are undoubtedly aware, is changing incredibly fast. Currently, most of our work is in 4K  but still HD is the common deliverable.

Our current camera packages includes:
• Sony FS7 – 4K with 28-135mm Sony zoom lens & a complete set of prime lenses. Up to 180 FPS HD capture. 4K & UHD, 10 Bit 422 XAVC. or RAW, or ProRes capture.

• Panasonic AF-100 with a full set of prime and zoom lenses in front of a Metabones  adapter for full field of view capture and an Atmos recorder for ProRes capture.

• Sony FS5 is the BCam  of choice.

The Dana Dolly and the Cinevate Hedron are on the camera truck.

If you need something specific to shoot on, or some specialized bit of camera moving technology, call. A7sII, Alexa, Red, GH5…

Post Production

Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve.

Lighting and Sound

When the job is small, the light and sound package that we arrive with is built around LED light panels and includes Sennhieser shotgun and wireless mics.

There are many seasoned production professionals available locally to fill out the crew needs.

A wide array of lighting grip equipment is easily available locally – from trucks with 18K HMIs, to tungsten van packages, to Chapman dollies, to camera booms and sliders.

So, whether your project is a  news segment for a national TV show, a full length documentary, a commercial, a webisode, instructional content, or a big screen presentation, we can bring the tools and people to help you tell your story, to help fulfill your mission.