BPSVideo is an independent video production services company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. BPSVideo is me, Thom Bell, and I provide freelance video production services – from DP services, to camera operating, to collaborating on projects where I help design the look and message, capture assets, and edit the final work together.

Most of my work is as a DP, and most of that work is with producers, ad agencies, production companies, and corporate marketing/communications departments – but I also do independent projects as well..

This range of clients bring content as diverse as TV show segments, to commercials and documentaries, to instructional videos, to product and lifestyle pieces. Clients have included, Crime Watch Daily, GE Aviation, Universal Forest Products, L3Communication, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Priority Health, The Colbert Report, Herman Miller, Amway, PBS’s Religion and Ethics Weekly, Lifetime channel’s Designing Spaces, the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, and Davenport University.

Like most independent media production professionals, shooting isn’t all I do.

Producing, editing and consulting are a part of the package as well.

But probably the most important service I provide is one that is intangible, yet essential to success – collaboration. Some clients know exactly what they want, some need help defining it. Some buy technology, some buy creativity. All clients want solutions, and all are buying experience when they bring BPSVideo on board.

Whatever your production needs are – DP services for a day, or assistance in developing your project from scratch, if you’re looking for a collaborator to manage parts of the project, I can help. My take on video projects is that it’s not about the production, it’s about the mission the production is intended to serve – it’s about putting the budget on the screen and minimizing the risks that threaten success.

At BPSVideo we deliver images and ideas to the screen to help fulfill your mission.